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Invited Sessions
Advanced ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian - Eulerian) Methods for Multiphysics Systems
John N. Shadid, Eric C. Cyr and Guglielmo Scovazzi

Advanced Discretizations and Solution Methods for  Challenging Multiphysics Systems: 
Part 1 - Homogeneous Multiphysics Systems
John N. Shadid and Pavel B. Bochev

Advanced Discretizations and Solution Methods for  Challenging Multiphysics Systems: 
Part 2 -  Heterogeneous Multiphysics Systems
Pavel B. Bochev and John N. Shadid

Computational Models and Methods for Multiphysics Processes in Multiphase Porous Media
Lorenzo Sanavia and Claudio Tamagnini 

Coupled and Multi-Scale Bioengineering Applications
Eduardo Divo and Alain Kassab

Coupled Problems in Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Bernd Markert and Zohar Yosibash

Coupled Problems in Free Surface Flow
Fotis Sotiropoulos and Lian Shen

Coupled Problems in Geo-environmental Engineering
Sebastià Olivella and Norbert Böttcher 

Coupled Problems Involving Liquid-Solid Phase Transitions
Božidar Šarler 

Coupled Problems of the Dynamics of the Solid Systems with Friction
Alexander Karapetyan and Alexey Kireenkov

Coupled Problems with Numerical and Physical Subdomain Interactions
Oreste S. Bursi and Bozidar Stojadinovic

Coupled Reactive Transport and Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Florin Adrian Radu

Coupled Thermomechanical Modeling of Material Forming Processes
Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Jean-Philippe Ponthot

Coupling Multiscale Infrastructure Models and Numerical Simulation
Ernst Rank, Manfred Krafczyk and Ralf Mundani

Coupling of Different Numerical Methods
Gernot Beer

Energy Related Coupled Problems
Massimo Guarnieri and Piergiorgio Alotto

Iterative Methods for Coupled Field Problems
Suvranu De, John N. Shadid and Haim Waisman

Mathematical Aspects of Interface Problems
Daniele Boffi and Lucia Gastaldi

Multiphysics Simulations with Time Resolved Turbulent Flow Fields
Dörte C. Sternel and Miriam  Mehl

Multiple Scale Approach to Biological Problems
Wing Kam Liu and Moon Ki Kim

Nanomedicine: From In Silico to In Vivo
Paolo Decuzzi

Phase Field Modeling of Coupled Problems
Ju Liu and Thomas J.R. Hughes

Recent Advances in Fluid-Structure Interaction
K. C. Park, Roger Ohayon and Carlos Felippa

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