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Invited Sessions

Keynote lectures will be complemented by invited sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas.

The talks scheduled are generally invited by the organizers but if you wish to contribute to any of the special sessions, you can contact them.

A preliminary list of the Invited Sessions planned follows:

ALE and Space-Time Methods in Fluid-Structure Interactions
Tayfun Tezduyar

Computational Modelling of Coupled Thermomechanical Forming Processes
Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Jean-Philippe Ponthot ;

Coupled  Thermofluid-Structural Problems
Alain Kassab

Coupling in Biological Porous Media
Jacques M. Huyghe and Amaya Perez de Palomar

Model Reduction Strategies: Fundamentals and Applications
F. Chinesta and D. Ryckelynck ;

Multiphase porous media in engineering sciences and technology
Carmelo Majorana and Bernhard Schrefler 

US research on Blast Structure Interaction
Michel Giltrud and Joseph Baum ; 

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