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Sunday, May 20th

17:00 - 19:00

Monday, May 21st

08:00 - 09:00

09:40 - 11:00
Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lectures I
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
A Fully Integrated Isogeometric Approach to Fluid-Structure Interaction
Y. Bazilevs, V.M. Calo, Y. Zhang, T.J. R. Hughes

Coupled Problems in Computational Modeling of the Respiratory System
W.A. Wall, L. Wiechert, T. Rabczuk, R. Metzke

11:00 - 11:30

11:30 - 13:30
Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems I MoM01
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
A Memetic Algorithm-Based Heuristics for the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
J.M. Mendes, J.F. Gonçalves

A Unified Approach to Multiscale Simulation and Dimensional Adaptivity: Basic Principles and Industrial Applications
E. Rank, A. Düster, D. Ledentsov, I. Heinle, W. Volk, M. Wagner

Mesh Movement Based on Radial Basis Function Interpolation
A. de Boer, A.H. van Zuijlen, H. Bijl

Multi-Mesh HP-FEM for Thermally Conductive Incompressible Flow
P. Solín, J. Cervený, L. Dubcová, I. Dolezel

Stability Analysis of a Strong Coupling Procedure for Thermomechanics Problems with Multiscale in Time
C. Kassiotis, J.B. Colliat, A. Ibrahimbegovic, H.G. Matthies

IS - Computational Modelling of Coupled Thermomechanical Forming Processes I
Invited Session organized by Carlos Agelet de Saracibar, Jean-Philippe Ponthot
Room: 2
Chair: to be confirmed
Thermomechanical One-Phase Modeling of Semi-Solid Thixoforming
R. Koeune, J.P. Ponthot

A Two-Phase Model for Numerical Simulation of Thixoforming Processes
M. Modigell, M. Hufschmidt, J. Petera, K. Vasilic

Simulation of Thixoforming:Comparison of Different Constitutive Equations
A. Rassili, J.C. Pierret, P. Cezard, R. Bigot, V. Favier

Modelling the Vertical Centrifugal Casting of Large Bimetallic Rolling Mills
L. Studer, A.M. Habraken, M. Pirotton, F. Pascon, B. Dewals

Computational Model of Vacuum Drying Process
Z. Buliński, K. Kasza, R. Sekuła, A.J. Nowak

3D Simulation of Electromagnetic Forming Processes
J. Unger, M. Stiemer, B. Svendsen, H. Blum

IS - Coupling in Biological Porous Media
Invited Session organized by Jacques M. Huyghe, Amaya Perez del Palomar
Room: 3
Chair: to be confirmed
A Numerical Model of Early Bone Epiphysis Formation
D.A. Garzón-Alvarado, J.M. García-Aznar, M. Doblaré

Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Electrochemical Phenomena in Cartilage
A. Perez del Palomar, J.M. Huyghe, M. Doblare

Sodium MRI Measurement of Ion Convection-Diffusion in Swelling Gels
J.M. Huyghe, R.W. Roos, H.P. Huinink, L. Pel

"Universal" Microstructural Patterns in Cortical and Trabecular, Extracellular and Extravascular Bone Materials: Anisotropic Multiscale Elasticity Theory
C. Hellmich, A. Fritsch, L. Dormieux

Mesh-independent Modelling of a Saturated Crack in 2D Plane-Strain Poroelasticity
F. Kraaijeveld, J.M. Huyghe, J.J. Remmers, R. de Borst

A Numerical Model for Epidermal Wound Healing
F.J. Vermolen, W.G. Van Rossum, E. Javierre, J.A. Adam

IS - Coupled Thermofluid-Structural Problems I
Invited Session organized by Alain Kassab, Eduardo Divo
Room: 4
Chair: to be confirmed
Coupled BEM/FVM Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a Film-Cooled Turbine Blade
K. Erhart, M. ElFadli, A. Kassab, E. Divo, J. Heidman

Boundary Element Method Thermo-Elastic Analysis for Laser Drilling
K.J. Erhart, E.A. Divo, A.J. Kassab

Parallelized Iterative Domain Decomposition BEM for Large-Scale Coupled Thermoelasticity
E.A. Divo, A.J. Kassab, B. Gamez, D. Ojeda, M. Cerrolaza

Tightly-coupled Nonlinear Aerodynamics/Nonlinear Structure Interaction: A HALE Wing Aeroelastic Case Studied
Z. Wang, P.C. Chen, D.D. Liu, D.T. Mook

A Coupled Solver for the Solution of the Unsteady Conjugate Heat Transfer Problem
D. Panara, B.E. Noll

IS - Model Reduction Strategies: Fundamentals and Applications I
Invited Session organized by Francisco Chinesta, David Ryckelynck
Room: 5
Chair: to be confirmed
On a A Priori Reduction Method for Solving Transfer Equations
N. Verdon, C. Allery, D. Ryckelynck, A. Hamdouni

Reduced Order Modelling in Fluid Structure Interaction using POD Method
E. Liberge, M. Benaouicha, A. Hamdouni

On the Reduced Finite Difference Schemes of Implicit Type for Parabolic Equations and Applications
A. Falcó, F. Sánchez, F. Chinesta

Dimensional Model Reduction in Problems Involving Moving Loads and Discontinuities
I. Alfaro, D. Bel, E. Cueto, F. Chinesta

The Reduced Model Multiscale Method (R3M) for Nonlinear Homogenization of Heterogenous Hyperelastic Media
J. Yvonnet, Q.-C He, H. Zahrouni, M. Potier-Ferry

IS - Multiphase Porous Media in Engineering Sciences and Technology I
Invited Session organized by Carmelo Majorana, Bernhard Schrefler
Room: 6
Chair: to be confirmed
Solution of Large Coupled Problems on Parallel Computers
J. Kruis, T. Koudelka, T. Krejci, Z. Bittnar

Coupled Chemo-Mechanical Durability Analyses of Concrete Structures
F. Bangert, G. Meschke

New Insight into Spalling of Near-Surface Layers of Concrete Subjected to Fire Loading
M. Zeiml, R. Lackner

A Computational Strategy Featuring an Interface between Coupled Physics: Application to Thermo-Poroelasticity
D. Néron, P. Ladevèze, D. Dureisseix, B.A. Schrefler

13:30 - 15:00
Lunch Time

15:00 - 17:00
IS - Computational Modelling of Coupled Thermomechanical Forming Processes II
Invited Session organized by Carlos Agelet de Saracibar, Jean-Philippe Ponthot
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
Numerical Simulation of the Metal Deposition Process
M. Chiumenti, M. Cervera, C. Agelet de Saracibar

Thermomechanical Modelling of Resistance Welding
N. Bay, W. Zhang

A Variational Approach to Thermomechanical Coupling in Plasticity
L. Stainier

An Elastoplastic Coupling Algorithm for the Simulation of Incremental Metal Forming Processes
S. Brunssen, B.I. Wohlmuth

Simulational Model of Centrifugal Casting Process of Composite
R. Zagórski, A. Kachel

Numerical Simulations of Materials Submitted to High Strain Rates: A Thermomechanical Approach
P.P. Jeunechamps, J.P. Ponthot

Coupled Problems in Solid and Structural Mechanics I MoA02
Room: 2
Chair: to be confirmed
A New Locking-Free Formulation for the SHB8PS Solid-Shell Element: Non-Linear Benchmark Problems
F. Abed-Meraim, A. Combescure

Application of Numerical Simulation for Reverse Analyses in Depth Sensing Indentation of Coated Materials
N.A. Sakharova, J.V. Fernandes, J.M. Antunes, M.C. Oliveira, M.F. Simões, M.A. Brett

Spectral Element Method and a Control Algorithm for Acousto-Elastic Interaction
S. Mönkölä

Structural-Acoustic Sensitivity Analysis of Closed System under Local Structural Defects
L.M. Romero, R. Pavanello, D. Lazzarini

Meshfree Collocation Method for Elastostatic Problems with Large Structural Motion and Deformation
H. Netuzhylov, A. Kölke

IS - Coupled Thermofluid-Structural Problems II
Invited Session organized by Alain Kassab, Eduardo Divo
Room: 3
Chair: to be confirmed
Multi-Phase Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Plate Subduction Processes: the X-FEM Approach
P. Díez, S. Zlotnik, M. Fernández, J. Vergés

Influence of Process Parameters on the Thermal Field in the Twin-Roll Casting Process
B. Sarler, H. Gjerkes, S. Hartman, G. Kosec, R. Vertnik, A. Robic

A Meshless/BEM Method for Coupled Thermofluids-Structural Interactions
E.A. Mitteff, S.A. Gerace, E.A. Divo, A.J. Kassab

Coupled Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer in Natural Draft Wet Cooling Tower
A. Klimanek, Z. Ostrowski, R.A. Bialecki

Numerical Investigations of Fluid Structure Interaction between Unsteady Flow and Vibrating Liner in a Combustion Chamber
Z. Khatir, A.K. Pozarlik, J.B. Kok, R.K. Cooper, J.W. Watterson

IS - Model Reduction Strategies: Fundamentals and Applications II
Invited Session organized by Francisco Chinesta, David Ryckelynck
Room: 4
Chair: to be confirmed
Model Reduction for Transient Analyses of Structures Using the Flexibility Based Approach
D. Markovic, K.C. Park

Reduced Modelling Simulation of Complex Fluid Flows
E. Pruliere, B. Mokdad, A. Ammar, F. Chinesta, D. Ryckelynck

An Adaptive Model Reduction Method for Inverse Problems
D. Ryckelynck

Model Reduction Applied to Mechanical Behaviour for Flexible Parts
F. Druesne, J.L. Dulong, P. Villon

IS - Multiphase Porous Media in Engineering Sciences and Technology II
Invited Session organized by Bernhard Schrefler, Carmelo Majorana
Room: 5
Chair: to be confirmed
A Poroplastic Model for the Analysis of Chemo-Mechanical Couplings in Concrete Calcium Leaching
M. Cuomo, A. Nicolosi

Modelling of Coupled Problems in Concrete Structures
F. Pesavento, B.A. Schrefler, D. Gawin, M. Wyrzykowski

Coupling between Progressive Stress-Level Related Damage and Permeability in Structural Concrete
F. Dufour, M. Choinska, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, A. Khelidj

The Space-Time Galerkin Method for Coupled Problems in Porous Media
Z. Chen, H. Steeb, S. Diebels

Fluid-Structure Interaction I MoA06
Room: 6
Chair: to be confirmed
An Abstract Nonlinear-Solver Point of View on Strong Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction Coupling Algorithms
U. Küttler, W.A. Wall

A Comparison of Boundary-Fitted and Non-Boundary-Fitted FSI Methods Using Finite Elements
R. van Loon, F.N. van de Vosse, J. Peiro, S.J. Sherwin

Local Deformation Effects in Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Very Flexible Wings
R. Palacios, S.K. Chimakurthi, C.E. Cesnik

Numerical Investigation of One- and Two-way Fluid-structures Interaction in Combustion Systems
A.K. Pozarlik, J.B. Kok

18:00 - 20:00
Welcome Reception

Tuesday, May 22nd

09:00 - 11:00
Plenary Lectures II
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
Coupled Micro-macro Simulations of Concrete Subjected to Frost
P. Wriggers, M. Hain

Arterial Fluid Mechanics with the Sequentially-Coupled Arterial FSI Technique
T.E. Tezduyar, M. Schwaab, S. Sathe

Multiscale Thermochemomechanics of Early-Age Cement-Based Materials
C.H. Pichler, R. Lackner, H.A. Mang

11:00 - 11:30

11:30 - 13:30
IS - ALE and Space-Time Methods in Fluid-Structure Interactions I
Invited Session organized by Tayfun Tezduyar
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Tayfun Tezduyar
Intelligent Adaptive Fluid-structure Interaction Systems
J.F. Deü, W. Larbi, R. Ohayon

A Time-Discontinuous Galerkin Formulation for the Mechanical Behaviour of Saturated Porous Media
S. Secchi, L. Simoni, B.A. Schrefler

Modelling Bed Erosion and Sediment Transport in Free Surface Flows by the Particle Finite Element Method
M.A. Celigueta, R. Calderer, E. Oñate, S.R. Idelsohn

Arterial Fluid Mechanics with the SSTFSI Technique and Continuum Element Made of Hyperelastic (Mooney-Rivlin) Material
T.E. Tezduyar, T. Cragin, S. Sathe, B. Nanna

Isogeometric Fluid-structure Interaction Analysis with Application to Cardiovascular Modeling
Y. Bazilevs, V.M. Calo, Y. Zhang, T.J. Hughes

Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling of Blood Flow and Arterial-Wall Deformation: Influence of Structural Modeling
R. Torii, M. Oshima, T. Kobayashi, K. Takagi, T.E. Tezduyar

Electro-magnetic Coupling I TuM02
Room: 2
Chair: to be confirmed
A Coupled Model for Magnetostriction in Ferromagnetic Materials
S. Fortino, R. Kouhia, A. Belahcen, K. Fonteyn

Rounding the Corners in an Electromechanical FEM Model
S.D. Hannot, D.J. Rixen, V. Rochus

Approaches on Electro-Mechanical Interface Coupling
T. Helmich, U. Nackenhorst

Thermo-Magneto-Hydrodynamic Simulation of Cylindrical Induction Heating Furnaces
A. Bermúdez, D. Gómez, M.C. Muñiz, P. Salgado, R. Vázquez

Electromagnetic and Hydrodynamic Field in Induction Valves for Liquid Metals
S. Golak, C. Sajdak, R. Przylucki

Coupled Problems in Solid and Structural Mechanics II TuM03
Room: 3
Chair: to be confirmed
Energy Equivalence Approach in Continuum Damage Mechanics
P. Grammenoudis, C. Tsakmakis

Geometrically Nonlinear Bending Analysis of Circular Plates
M. Altekin, R.F. Yukseler

Numerical Methods for Coupled Nonlinear Problems of Dynamic Thermoelasticity and Shape Memory Alloys Modeling
R. Melnik, D.R. Mahapatra, L. Wang, A. Roberts

An Energy Consistent Hybrid Space-Time Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Thermo-Viscoelastodynamics
M. Gross, P. Betsch

Coupled Simulation of a Nozzle Cooling System
J-D. Garaud, A. Roos, F. Feyel, F-X. Roux, M. Errera, Y. Maday

IS - US Research on Blast Structure Interaction I
Invited Session organized by Michael Giltrud, Joseph D. Baum
Room: 4
Chair: to be confirmed
Integrated Modeling and Testing for Blast Simulation
M. Giltrud

Advances in Adaptive Embedded Unstructured Grid Methods for Blast-Structure Interaction
R. Löhner, J.D. Baum, O.A. Soto

Using SHAMRC to Investigate Embedded Munitions
M.J. Brown, C.E. Needham

Simulation of IED-Blast Effects on a Military Vehicle
G. Heilig, H. Klein, A. Klomfass

A Coupled Euler-Lagrange Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems Involving Complex Geometries and Large Deformations
A. Klomfass

Fluid-Structure Interaction II TuM05
Room: 5
Chair: to be confirmed
Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Including Large Deformation on Fixed Fluid Grids Using the Extended Finite Element Method
A. Gerstenberger, W.A. Wall

Fluid-Structure Interaction Applied to Ovalling Oscillations of Silos
D. Dooms, G. de Roeck, G. Degrande

Modeling Deforming Interfaces using Level Sets
H. Muhlhaus, L. Bourgouin, A. Hale

Higher Order Time Integration for 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction
A.H. van Zuijlen, A. de Boer, H. Bijl

Fluid-structure Coupling Analysis and Simulation of a Slender Composite Beam
A. Foces, R. Rossi, A. Vasallo

Fluid-Structure Interaction in Cellular Materials
M. Vesenjak, Z. Ren, M. Hriberšek

Concrete Structures and Geomechanics I TuM06
Room: 6
Chair: to be confirmed
A Model for Transport Processes and the Mechanical Behaviour in Concrete at High Temperature
L. Ostermann, D. Dinkler

Computational Modeling of Coupled Heat and Moisture Transport in Multi-Layered Systems of Porous Materials in Difference Climate Conditions
J. Madera, J. Kelnar, M. Jerman, Z. Pavlik, R. Cerny

Hydro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures
J. Niewald

Hygro-Mechanical Analysis at the Meso-Level of Drying Shrinkage of Concrete Specimens
A.E. Idiart, C.M. López, I. Carol

Simulation of Internal Erosion in Road Structures
B. Lenhof, P. Kettil, K. Runesson, N-E. Wiberg

13:30 - 15:00
Lunch Time

15:00 - 17:00
Plenary Lectures III
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
A Discussion of Key Concepts and Methodologies for the CFD-Based Solution of a Class of Nonlinear Fluid/Structure and Thermofluid/Thermostructure Problems
Ch. Farhat, T. Lieu, V. Kongara

Coupled Fluid/Structure Modelling of Multi-Fracturing Solids and Particulate Media
D.R. Owen, Y.T. Feng, M. Lobao, K. Han, J. Yu

Multiscale Modeling of a Microstructure Process Zone
W.K. Liu, C. McVeigh, F. Vernerey

17:00 - 19:00
IS - ALE and Space-Time Methods in Fluid-Structure Interactions II
Invited Session organized by Tayfun Tezduyar
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Tayfun Tezduyar
A Nested Iterative Scheme for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems
A. Sameh, M. Manguoglu, S. Sathe, T.E. Tezduyar

An Enhanced Implicit Partitioned ALE Approach for Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations
S. Yigit, M. Heck, M. Schäfer, D.C. Sternel

A Unified Formulation for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
S.R. Idelsohn, J. Marti, R. Rossi, E. Oñate

A Partitioned Strongly Coupled Computational Strategy with Adaptive Remeshing Capability for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
D. Peric, W. Dettmer, P. Saksono

An Eulerian Divergence Preserving Approach for Partitioned Fluid-Structure Simulations on Cartesian Grids
M. Mehl

Large-Displacement Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems: Segregated vs. Monolithic Solvers in OOMPH-LIB
M. Heil, A.L. Hazel

Coupled Problems in Solid and Structural Mechanics III TuA02
Room: 2
Chair: to be confirmed
Thermo-Structure Interaction of Thin-Walled Structures at Elevated Temperatures
P.B. Bornemann, W.A. Wall

On Finite Element Methods for Low Temperature Thermomechanical Problems
S. Bargmann, P. Steinmann

A Matrix-Free Solution to the Electro-Elastic Problem for MEMS Modelling and Simulation
A. Fumagalli, G. Quaranta, P. Mantegazza

Modelling Strategies for Microstructures Moving in an Electric Field
V. Rochus, A. Andreykiv, D.J. Rixen

Multiphysics Modeling of Mechatronic Multibody Systems: Application to Vehicle Dynamics
N. Docquier, M. Delannoy, L. Sass, P. Fisette

IS - US research on Blast Structure Interaction II
Invited Session organized by Michael Giltrud, Joseph D. Baum
Room: 3
Chair: to be confirmed
An Experimental and Numerical Study of Steel Tower Response to Blast Loading
J.D. Baum, H. Luo, E.L. Mestreau, O. Soto

Advances in the Coupling of FEFLO with SIMPACT
J. Arteaga-Gomez, R. Löhner, J. Rojek, E. Oñate

SHAMRC Numerical Simulation of Non-Ideal Explosives Behaviors
K. Kim, Ch. Needham, D.J. Ortley, W. Wilson, S. Peiris

An Efficient CSD FE Element Scheme for Blast Simulations
O.A. Soto, J.D. Baum, R. Löhner, E.L. Mestreau

Fluid-Structure Interaction III TuA04
Room: 4
Chair: to be confirmed
Sources of Failure in Free-Surface Flow Simulations
M. Behr, E. Bormann

Parallel Three Dimensional Analysis of a Lid Driven Cavity Coupled to a Flexible Moving Base
F.J. Calvo, L. Margetts, F. Gabaldón, I. Romero

Thermal Coupling of Fluid Flow and Structural Response of a Tunnel Induced by Fire
J. Principe, R. Codina, U. Puz, B.A. Schrefler

On the FSI in Combustion Chambers
P. Ryzhakov, M. Porta, R. Rossi, T. Schoenfeld

On Fluid Structure Interaction Problem with Large Amplitudes
P. Sváček

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems II TuA05
Room: 5
Chair: to be confirmed
On Transforming Tight Coupling into Loose Coupling
K.C. Park, C.A. Felippa, D. Caillerie, R. Ohayon

Superposition of a Local Zoom Model over a Global Model Using Optimal Control. Application to 1D-2D River Flows
I. Gejadze, J. Monnier

Mesh Update Techniques: Robustness and Efficiency
G. Markou, M. Papadrakakis

Coupled Simulations in the Modeling of Complete Nanoscale RF Blocks
W.H. Schilders, W. Schoenmaker, L.M. Silveira

Simulation of Grain Boundaries Contact in Metals
N.M. Vlasov, I.I. Fedik

Solution Strategy Suitable for Coupled Parallel Finite Element Analysis Considering Numerical Instability
T. Niho, J. Uefuji, T. Horie

Optimum Design in Multidisciplinary Problems I TuA06
Room: 6
Chair: to be confirmed
Aerodynamical Optimal Shape Design, Coupled With Structure Constraints
A. Nastase

Distributed Global Optimization for Coupled Space Problems
P.G. Hänninen, M. Lavagna

Fuzzy Probabilistic Optimisation
Z. Kala

Multicriteria Evolutionary Optimization on Heat Exchangers in the Presence of Convection, Radiation and Mechanical Loadings
T. Burczynski, A. Dlugosz, W. Kus

20:30 - 23:00
Conference Banquet

Wednesday, May 23rd

09:00 - 11:00
Plenary Lectures IV
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
PDE-Interpolation for Topology Optimization of Coupled Problems
O. Sigmund

Vibrations of Coupled Fluid-Structure Systems
R. Ohayon

Maintaining Unconditional Stability in Partitioned Analysis Methods for Coupled Systems
C.A. Felippa, K.C. Park, M.R. Ross

11:00 - 11:30

11:30 - 13:30
Concrete Structures and Geomechanics II WeM01
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
A New Solution Strategy for Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis in the Time-Domain
L. Lehmann, D. Clasen, R. Borsutzky

A Coupling Discrete/Finite Element Strategy : Application to a Seismic Problem
S. Gavoille, C. Mariotti, C. Rey, A. Delaplace

Coupled DEM-FEM for Modeling Granular Layers on Vibrating Elastic Structures
F. Bobaru, K. Rattanadit, J.A. Turner

Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of Concrete at High Temperatures
T. Manninen, J. Hartikainen, R. Kouhia

Coupled Thermo-Chemical Analysis of Jet-Grouted Columns Considering a Multi-Phase Hydration Model
K. Meinhard, R. Lackner

Modeling of DAM and Rock Mass Interaction
D.L. Divac, M.M. Zivkovic, S.D. Vulovic, R.B. Slavkovic

Fluid Flow and Environmental Mechanics WeM02
Room: 2
Chair: to be confirmed
Performance Evaluation of Line Search Partitioned Iterative Method for FSI Problems
T. Yamada, S. Yoshimura

Efficient Interface Conditions for the Coupling of Ocean Models
E. Audusse, E. Blayo, L. Halpern, C. Japhet, V. Martin, E. Nourtier-Mazauric

Development and Verification of Unified Ice Accretion Model for Multiphysics Icing Simulation
M. Yamamoto, Y. Imamura, K. Inaba, I. Mizuta

A Continuum/Kinetic Coupling Approach for Subsonic Transitional Regime Flows
K. Morinishi

Fluids, Thin Shells and Membranes WeM03
Room: 3
Chair: to be confirmed
Coupling of Incompressible Flows and Thin-Walled Structures
C. Förster, M. von Scheven, W.A. Wall, E. Ramm

The Coupling of Enclosed Fluid with Inflatable Membranes
A. Jarasjarungkiat, R. Wüchner, K-U. Bletzinger

Investigation of High-Speed Collisions of Space Debris Particles with Gas-Filled Shells
A.B. Kiselev, N.N. Smirnov, V.F. Nikitin

Nonlinear Aerothermoelastic Behaviour of Thin-Walled Structures in Hypersonic Fluid Flow
M.C. Haupt, R. Niesner, R. Unger, P. Horst

A Partitioned Over-All Concept for the Simulation of Flow-Membrane Interactions
R. Wüchner, A. Kupzok, K-U. Bletzinger

Coupling Surface and Bulk Flow with Curvature Elasticity for the Mechanics of Lipid Membranes
M. Arroyo, A. DeSimone, A. Rosolen

Optimum Design in Multidisciplinary Problems II WeM04
Room: 4
Chair: to be confirmed
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Coupled Aero-Structural Optimization
L.F. Gonzalez, J. Périaux, D.S. Lee, L. Damp, K. Sinivas

New Collaborative Working Environments for Multiphysics Coupled Problems
T. Nguyen, J. Périaux

Structural Optimization of a Small Aircraft Wing from Aeroelastic Responses
L. Fitschy, F. Thirifay, E. Wyart, S. Pierret, P. Geuzaine

On Couplings in Multi-criteria Aerodynamic Design Optimization Problems using Adjoint Methods and Game Strategies
Z.L. Tang, J. Périaux

Fluid-Structure Interaction IV WeM05
Room: 5
Chair: to be confirmed
The Fixed Mesh ALE Approach: Basic Idea and Two Applications
R. Codina, H. Coppola-Owen, G. Houzeaux

Comparison of Iterative Solution Procedures for Fluid and Structural Interaction Problems Using Two- and Three-Field Approaches
R. Unger, M.C. Haupt, P. Horst

Efficiency Issues of Partitioned Solution in Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. von Scheven, S.R. Tiyyagura, E. Ramm, M. Bischoff

A Domain Decomposition Method for Coupled Equations of Acoustic Wave Motion
M. Malinen, S. Järvenpää, A. Kärkkäinen, L. Kärkkäinen, P. Råback, E. Seppälä, P. Ylä-Oijala

Influence of System Properties and Solver Parameters on the Convergence Behavior of Partitioned Solutions to Hydroelastic Systems
B. Hübner, U. Seidel, T. Scherer

13:30 - 15:00
Lunch Time

15:00 - 17:00
Coupled Problems in Bio-medical Engineering WeA01
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
Calibration of a Porous Visco (Hyper) Elastic Model Applied to Brain Tissue
H. Johansson, F. Larsson, K. Runesson

Computational Techniques for Coupled Biomolecular Liquid-Solid Nanosurface Interactions in Nanosensor Shear Flows
W.C. Sandberg, G.M. Wang

Fluid-Solid Interaction in a 90-Degree Curved Elastic Artery
F.J. Calvo, F. Gabaldón, D. Afkari

Coupled Problems in Fluid Flows WeA02
Room: 2
Chair: to be confirmed
Application of a Flux Based Method of Characteristics for CO2 Geological Storage Modelling
A. Michel, E. Tillier, L. Trenty

Coupling a Multiphase Flow Model and a Reactive Transport Model for CO2 Storage Modeling
E. Tillier, A. Michel, L. Trenty

Updated Lagrangian Formulation of a Quasi-Incompressible Fluid Element
P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S.R. Idelsohn, E. Oñate

Simulating Large Particle Movements in Drift Ratchets Using Cartesian Grids
M. Brenk, H-J. Bungartz, I.L. Muntean, T. Neckel

Coupled Mesh/Meshless Hybridized Techniques for Direct and Inverse Problems with Euler Flows in Aerodynamics
H. Chen, Z. Ma, J. Périaux

An Embedded Boundary Approach with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Fluid-Structure Interactions in Viscous Incompressible Flows
M. Vanella , P. Rabenold, E. Balaras

Electro-magnetic Coupling II WeA03
Room: 3
Chair: to be confirmed
Dynamic Displacement Tracking of a Frame Structure by Piezoelectric Patches: Analytical Solution and Comparison to Coupled FE-Computations
M. Krommer, H. Irschik, D. Huber

Reliability Study of Piezolectrics with Internal Defect
R. Palma , J.L. Pérez-Aparicio, J.A. Bea

Multi-Physics Self-Consistent Modeling in Nanotechnological Applications: Quantum Dots and Quantum-Well Lasers
R. Melnik, D.R. Mahapatra, M. Willatzen, B. Lassen, L.L. Yan Voon

Vibration Analysis of Thick Plate with Integrated Piezoelectric Patches using Finite Element Method
S. Ziaei Rad, R. Tikani

Coupled Problems in Solid and Structural Mechanics IV WeA04
Room: 4
Chair: to be confirmed
Multiscale Analysis of Structures Using Overlapping Nonlinear Patches
J. Pebrel, P. Gosselet, C. Rey

Nonlinear Thermoelastic Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures
H. Bossong, S. Lentzen, R. Schmidt

Interaction of Structure Borne and Air Borne Sound in Building Acoustics
D. Clasen, S. Langer, M. Schanz

Influence of Temperature Changes on Stresses in the Triforium Tracery of the ST Vitus‘ Cathedral in Prague
P. Beran, M. Drdácký

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems III WeA05
Room: 5
Chair: to be confirmed
Algebraic Flux Correction for Finite Element Discretizations of Coupled Systems
D. Kuzmin

Fuzzy Alpha-Cut Applications in Computing the Coupled Problems: Modelling Uncertainties and Quantifying Risks
M. El-Cheikh, J. Lamb, A.H. Chan

Filtering of Experimental and Numerical Data by the Theory Equations on Irregular Nets
M. Stanuszek, J. Wojtas

Semi-Automatic Development of Simulators for Multi-Physics Problems Based on a Language of Patterns
F.C. Santos, E.R. Brito Jr., J.M. Barbosa, J.M. Silva

Unamalla 3.0: A System for Structured Grid Generation on Planar Regions
P. Barrera , L. Castellanos , F. Domínguez , G. González , A. Pérez

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