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Invited Sessions

Keynote lectures will be complemented by invited sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas.

The talks scheduled are generally invited by the organizers. Authors interested to contribute to a particular Invited Session are kindly requested to contact the session organizer(s) directly.

Persons willing to organize an Invited Session on a specific topic are kindly requested to send their proposal to the conference secretariat.

The list of confirmed Invited Sessions follows:

Computational Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Materials
Bernd Markert and Lorenzo Sanavia 
markert@mechbau.uni-stuttgart.de ; lorenzo.sanavia@unipd.it

Computational Multiphysics: Methods and Models
Carlos Felippa, Roger Ohayon and K.C. Park 
carlos.felippa@colorado.edu ; roger.ohayon@cnam.fr ; Kcpark@colorado.edu

Coupled Problems for Biomimetics
Fotis Sotiropoulos

Coupled Problems in Bioengineering
Alain Kassab, Eduardo Divo and Lakshmi Reddi
kassab@mail.ucf.edu ; edivo@mail.ucf.edu ; LReddi@mail.ucf.edu

Coupled Problems in Geotechnical Engineering
Sebastià Olivella

Coupled Thermomechanical Simulation of Material Forming 
and Impact Problems
Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Jean-Philippe Ponthot agelet@cimne.upc.edu ; JP.Ponthot@ulg.ac.be Coupling of Different Numerical Methods Gernot Beer gernot.beer@tugraz.at Fast Single and Multi Discipline Optimization Tools for
Aircraft/Aero Engines Design with Uncertainties
Jacques Pèriaux jperiaux@gmail.com

Interaction with Time Resolved Turbulent Flow Fields Dörte Carla Sternel sternel@fnb.tu-darmstadt.de Multidisciplinary Biomechanical Simulation Ernst Rank and Zohar Yosibash rank@inf.bauwesen.tu-muenchen.de ; zohary@bgu.ac.il Multiresolution Biomechanics: From Nano to Macro Wing-Kam Liu, Yongjie (Jessica) Zhang, Suvranu De and Lucy Zhang w-liu@northwestern.edu ; jessicaz@andrew.cmu.edu ; des@rpi.edu ; zhanglucy@rpi.edu Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electromagnetic, Hydrodynamic and
Thermomechanical Problems in Engineering
Massimo Guarnieri and Carmelo Majorana guarnieri@die.unipd.it ; majorana@dic.unipd.it Plasticity and Damage: Experimental and Numerical Simulations Valentina Salomoni and Francesco Marotti de Sciarra salomoni@dic.unipd.it ; marotti@unina.it Speeding-up Numerical Simulations: Model Reduction and Other
Advanced Discretization Techniques
Francisco Chinesta, David Ryckelynck and Elias Cueto francisco.chinesta@paris.ensam.fr ; David.Ryckelynck@ensmp.fr ;
Symposium Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Ahmed Sameh:
Fluid-Structure Interactions
Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun Tezduyar ktaki@rice.edu ; yuri@ucsd.edu ; tezduyar@gmail.com

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