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Sunday, June 19th

18:00 - 20:00
Pre-registration and Welcome Reception (19:00)

Monday, June 20th

08:00 - 09:00

09:00 - 09:15
Opening Session
Room: R1
Chair: to be confirmed
09:15 - 10:35
Plenary Lectures I
Room: R1
Chair: Eugenio Oñate

Phase-field Models and Isogeometric Analysis
M.  Borden, V. Calo, L. Dede, H. Gomez, T. Hughes, J. Liu and X.  Nogueira

Flow-Structure Interactions in Biomedical Problems
G.E. Karniadakis

10:35 - 11:05

11:05 - 13:05
Symposium Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Ahmed Sameh: Fluid-Structure Interactions I
Invited Session organized by Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun E. Tezduyar
Room: R1
Chair: Thomas J. R. Hughes

Keynote Lecture: Towards a Scalable Parallel Sparse Linear System Solver
A. Sameh and M. Manguoglu

Multiscale Space-Time Computation Techniques
K. Takizawa and T.E. Tezduyar

Fluid-Structure Interaction of Wind Turbines: Geometry Modeling, Simulation Techniques and Applications
Y. Bazilevs

Comparison of Solution Strategies to Resolve the Strong Coupling
W.G. Dettmer and D. Peric

Comparative Patient-Specific FSI Modeling of Cerebral Aneurysms
K. Takizawa, T. Brummer, T.E. Tezduyar and P.R. Chen

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems I MoM02
Room: R2
Chair: to be confirmed

Simulation of Residual Stresses in an Induction Hardened Roll
C. Groth and L. Hellenthal

Separate Reduction Bases Algorithm and Low-rank Approximations for Model Order Reduction of Coupled Systems
A. Lutowska, M.E. Hochstenbach and W. Schilders

Numerical Simulations of Particles in a Shear Flow
N. Verdon, P. Laure, A. Lefebvre-Lepot and L. Lobry

Development and Implementation of an Eulerian Approach for Efficient Simulation of Frictional Heating in Sliding Contacts
N. Strömberg

Geometrically Non-linear Hyperelasticity Coupled with Diffusion
A. McBride, P. Steinmann, S. Bargmann and A. Javili

Some Aspects of Dynamic Computational Modelling of Direct Current Plasma Arc Phenomena
Q.G. Reynolds and B.D. Reddy

IS - Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electromagnetic, Hydrodynamic and Thermomechanical Problems in Engineering I: Magneto-hydrodynamics and High frequency Coupled Problems
Invited Session organized by Massimo Guarnieri and Carmelo Majorana
Room: R3
Chair: Doug Lavers

Influence of Mechanical Strains on Electromagnetic Signals of a Microstrip Antenna. FEM/BIM model
N. Adnet, F. Pablo, I. Bruant and L. Proslier

Accurate Forward Model of Thermoacoustic Imaging System
A. Hajiaboli, V. Ntziachristos and D. Razansky

Parallel Block Preconditioners for the Bidomain Model of Electrocardiology
P. Colli Franzone, L.F. Pavarino and S. Scacchi

Coupled Solution Strategies I MoM04
Room: R4
Chair: to be confirmed

Numerical Approaches in Solving Volume and Surface Coupled Problems
S. Zinatbakhsh, B. Markert and W. Ehlers

A Multi-model Incremental Adaptive Strategy to Accelerate Partitioned Fluid-structure Algorithms using Space Mapping
T. Scholcz, A.H. van Zuijlen and H. Bijl

Finite Element Methods for Strongly-coupled Systems of Fluid-structure Interaction with Application to Granular Flow in Silos
S. Reinstädler, A. Zilian and D. Dinkler

Coarse Level Newton-Krylov Acceleration of Sub-iterations in Partitioned Fluid-structure Interaction
A.H. van Zuijlen and H. Bijl

Spatial Coupling of Lattice Boltzmann and PDE Models
Y. Vanderhoydonc and W. Vanroose

A Coupling Concept for Heterogeneous Models
J. Steiner and R. Krause

IS - Computational Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Materials I
Invited Session organized by Bernd Markert and Lorenzo Sanavia
Room: R5
Chair: Bernhard A. Schrefler

Keynote Lecture: Theory and Numerics of the Strongly Coupled Problem of Wave Propagation in Unbounded Porous Media
B. Markert, Y. Heider and W. Ehlers

Attenuation and Phase Velocities in Partially Saturated Porous Rocks
H. Steeb, P. Kurzeja, B.  Quintal, M. Frehner and S.M. Schmalholz

A Moving Frame Formulation for Modeling Dynamic Response of Saturated Porous Media
B. Lenhof, F. Larsson, S. Diebels and K. Runesson

Back Analysis of a Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Model Based on Instrumented Constant Volume Column Test
T. Schanz, M. Datcheva and L. Nguyen-Tuan

IS - Coupled Problems in Geotechnical Engineering I
Invited Session organized by Sebastià Olivella
Room: R6
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: Towards the Generic Conceptual and Numerical Framework for the Simulation of CO2 Sequestration in Different Types of Georeservoirs
U-J. Görke, J. Taron, A.K. Singh, W. Wang and O. Kolditz

Numerical Study of the Chemo-poro-mechanical Behaviour of the Cement Sheath during CO2 Injection
V. Vallin, J.M. Pereira, A. Fabbri, H. Wong and N. Jacquemet

Numerical Analysis of CO2 Injection into Deformable Saline Reservoirs: Benchmarking and Initial Observations
J. Taron, C-H. Park, U-J. Görke, W. Wang and O. Kolditz

Non-isothermal Compositional Gas Flow during Carbon Dioxide Storage and Enhanced Gas Recovery
A.K. Singh, N. Böttcher, W. Wang, U-J. Görke and O. Kolditz

Coupled Hydromechanical Processes during CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers
V. Vilarrasa, S. Olivella and J. Carrera

Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioning for Mixed Elliptic-Hyperbolic Problems
M. Emans

IS - Speeding-up Numerical Simulations: Model Reduction and Other Advanced Discretization Techniques I
Invited Session organized by Francisco Chinesta, David Ryckelynck and Elias Cueto
Room: R7
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: A Wavelet-based Multiscale Approach for the Resolution of Time-dependent PDEs in the Proper Generalized Decomposition Framework
D. Néron and P. Ladevèze

SUPG-based Stabilization of Proper Generalized Decompositions for the Advection-Diffusion Equation
D. González, E. Cueto, F. Chinesta, P. Díez and A. Huerta

Proper Generalized Decomposition to Solve Multiphysical Problems: Effect of the Environment on the Durability of Polymers and Composites
M. Beringhier and J-C. Grandidier

Application of the Proper Generalized Decomposition Method to a Viscoelastic Mechanical problem with a Large Number of Internal Variables and a Large Spectrum of Relaxation Times
M. Hammoud, M. Beringhier and J-C. Grandidier

Numerical simulation & modelling of ageing processes in composite materials: application of the PGD model reduction method to the development of CNT based ageing sensors
H. Lamari, A. Leygue, F. Chinesta and K. Lafdi

On the Dynamic Data-Driven Simulation of Coupled Models
Ch. Ghnatios, F. Masson, E. Cueto, A. Leygue and F. Chinesta

13:05 - 14:35
Lunch Time

14:35 - 17:00
Symposium Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Ahmed Sameh: Fluid-Structure Interactions II
Invited Session organized by Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun E. Tezduyar
Room: R1
Chair: Kenji Takizawa

Keynote Lecture: Finite calculus. A Paradigm for Deriving Stabilized Finite Element Methods in Computational Mechanics
E. Oñate, S.R. Idelsohn and F. Zárate

Vibrations of Structures Containing Liquids. Reduced Order Models
R. Ohayon and J-S. Schotté

Residual-Based Variational Multiscale Simulation of Complex Fluid- Structure Interaction Problems in Offshore Engineering
E. Lins, C. Silva, N. Guevara, J. Gonzalez, L. Gazoni, R. Elias, J.  Alves, F. Rochinha and A. Coutinho

Analysis of a Stabilized Finite Element Approximation of the Transient Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations in Turbulent Flow in Wells Turbine
A. Corsini, A. Marchegiani, F. Rispoli, E. Tuccimei and T.E. Tezduyar

A Spectral Element Method for Fluid-structure Interactions
S. Dong

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems II MoA02
Room: R2
Chair: to be confirmed

Solution of Integral Equation in Scattering Analysis of Bodies of Revolution by MoM with First Type Elliptic Integrals
C. Vidal and U. Resende

Finite Element Modelling of Energy Extraction from Flow Induced Structural Vibrations by means of Piezoelectric Materials
S. Laue and A. Zilian

The Finite Cell Method for Spatially Varying Dispersions in Coupled Multi-species Reactive Transport Problems
Q. Cai, S. Kollmannsberger, R-P. Mundani and E. Rank

The Influence of Stem Surface in Micromobility and Cement Bone Stresses
A. Ramos, C. Relvas, A. Completo and J. A Simões

The Fixed-Mesh ALE Method Applied to Multiphysics Problems
J. Baiges and R. Codina

Crack Propagation in Civil Engineering Bridge Cables: Coupled Phenomena of Fatigue and Corrosion
V. Périer, L. Dieng and L. Gaillet

Numerical Simulation of Quenching Process using an Adaptative Levelset Method
N. Kosseifi, E. Hachem, L. Silva, E. Massoni and T. Coupez

IS - Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electromagnetic, Hydrodynamic and Thermomechanical Problems in Engineering II: Electro-thermal Modeling
Invited Session organized by Massimo Guarnieri and Carmelo Majorana
Room: R3
Chair: Piergiorgio Alotto

Keynote Lecture: Electromagnetically Driven Flow in Industrial Metal Processing Systems
D. Lavers, L.  Beitelman and C. Curran

Investigation of the Purely Hyperbolic Maxwell System for Divergence Cleaning in Discontinuous Galerkin based Particle-In-Cell Methods
A. Stock, J. Neudorfer, R. Schneider, C. Altmann and C-D. Munz

Numerical Simulation Framework for Weakly Coupled Multiphysical Problems in Electrical Engineering
P. Alotto, M. Jaindl, R. Kutschera, C. Magele and A. Köstinger

Electromagnetic Plasma Modelling in Circuit Breaker within the Finite Volume Method
L. Rondot, J-P. Gonnet and V. Mazauric

Domain Decomposition Simulation of Thermal Convection Problems and Related Topics
H. Kanayama and Q. Yao

Numerical Approximation of the Full MHD System Using Lagrangian Finite Elements
S. Badia, R. Codina and R. Planas

Numerical Solution of Induction Heating Problems with Nonlinear Temperature Dependent Magnetic Characteristic
F. Freschi and M. Repetto

IS - Coupled Problems for Biomimetics
Invited Session organized by Fotis Sotiropoulos
Room: R4
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: An Integrative Muscle Mechanics – Fluid Dynamics Model of Lamprey Swimming
L.  Fauci

The Functional Design of Fish Tail
I. Borazjani

Bio-inspired Flow Energy Harvesting Through Flapping Foils
Q. Zhu

A Finite Element Method for Non-linear Hyperelasticity Applied for the Simulation of Octopus Arm Motions
V. Vavourakis, A. Kazakidi, D.P. Tsakiris and J.A. Ekaterinaris

Coupling the Flexible Wing Aerodynamics and Structural Dynamics in Insect Flapping Flight
H. Liu and T. Nakata

The Fluid Dynamics of Particle Capture in Jellyfish with Inspiration for Filtration Devices
L.A. Miller, C. Hamlet and A. Santhanakrishnan

On The Effect of Oral Cavity Shape in the Efficiency of Jet-Propelled Swimmers
T.B. Le and F. Sotiropoulos

IS - Computational Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Materials II
Invited Session organized by Bernd Markert and Lorenzo Sanavia
Room: R5
Chair: Bernd Markert

On the Modeling and Simulation of Biological Methane Oxidation in Porous Media - A Multiphase Continuum Approach
T. Ricken, R. Widmann and T.C. Schmidt

A Bio-Hydro-Mechanical Model for Propagation of Biogrout in Soils
S. Fauriel and L. Laloui

A Three-phase Model for Damage Induced by ASR in Concrete Structures
C. Comi and R. Pignatelli

An Efficient Computational Model for CO2 Flow in Porous Media
M. Talebian, R. Al-Khoury and L.J. Sluys

Modelling Water Infiltration into Macroporous Hill Slopes using Special Boundary Conditions
L. Stadler, C. Adamczak and R. Hinkelmann

IS - Coupled Problems in Geotechnical Engineering II
Invited Session organized by Sebastià Olivella
Room: R6
Chair: to be confirmed

Hydromechanical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering using the Material Point Method
F. Zabala and E. Alonso

A Combined PFEM-Level Set Model to Simulate the Behavior of a Rockfill Dam in Overtopping Scenarios
A. Larese, R. Rossi and E. Oñate

A Coupled Model of Mechanical Behaviour and Water Retention for Unsaturated Soils with Double Porosity
A. Koliji, L. Laloui and L. Vulliet

Hydromechanically Coupled Analysis of Transient Phenomena in a Rainfall-induced Landslide
J. Eichenberger, M. Nuth and L. Laloui

Simulation of Acoustic Logging Measurements Acquired with Borehole-Eccentered Tools Using a hp-Fourier Finite Element Method
D. Pardo, P. Matuszyk, C. Torres-Verdín, I. Muga, A. Mora and V. Calo

IS - Speeding-up Numerical Simulations: Model Reduction and Other Advanced Discretization Techniques II
Invited Session organized by Francisco Chinesta, David Ryckelynck and Elias Cueto
Room: R7
Chair: to be confirmed

Adaptative Mesh Refinement Technique for the Proper Generalized Decomposition method. Application to a 2D Coupled Heat-chemical Diffusion Problem
T.L. Nguyen, M. Beringhier and J-C. Grandidier

PGD-BEM Applied to the Nonlinear Heat Equation
G. Bonithon, P. Joyot, F. Chinesta and P. Villon

Real Time Simulation of Surgery by Combined Reduced Order Models and X-FEM Techniques
S. Niroomandi, I.  Alfaro, E. Cueto and F. Chinesta

Reduced Order Model and Simultaneous Computation for Thermomechanical Multidimensional Model
F-Z. Daïm, D. Ryckelynck and D. Missoum-Benziane

Reduced Basis Method for Parametrized Variational Inequalities
J. Salomon, B. Haasdonk and B. Wohlmuth

Thermo-mechanical Modelling of Dynamic Tensile Extrusion Test
L. Peroni, M. Scapin and M. Avalle

17:30 - 21:00
Visit to the Asklipiion. Buses will depart at 17:30 from the Conference Hotel.

Tuesday, June 21st

08:00 - 10:00
Symposium Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Ahmed Sameh: Fluid-Structure Interactions III
Invited Session organized by Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun E. Tezduyar
Room: R1
Chair: Yuri Bazilevs

Keynote Lecture: Efficient Coupling Tools for Flexible Partitioned Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interactions
H-J. Bungartz, B. Gatzhammer, M. Mehl and T. Neckel

Seismic Response Analysis of Rod Bundle in Fluid using ADVENTURE System with Partitioned Coupling Technique
S. Yoshimura, S. Kataoka, S. Minami and H. Kawai

A Nested Scheme with Nodal Ordering for Arterial Fluid-structure Interactions
M. Manguoglu, K. Takizawa, A. Sameh and T.E. Tezduyar

Geometry Representation and Mesh Regularization Methods for the Shape Optimization of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
E. Stavropoulou, M. Hojjat, R. Wüchner and K-U. Bletzinger

Computational Wind-Structure Interaction
R. Wüchner, M. Hojjat, E. Stavropoulou, A. Michalski and K-U. Bletzinger

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems III TuM02
Room: R2
Chair: Dörte Carla Sternel

Adaptive Calibration of Nonlocal Coupled Damage-Plasticity Model for Aluminium Alloy AA6082 T0
J.P. Belnoue and A.M. Korsunsky

Advanced Stochastic FEM-Based Artificial Neural Network for Crack Damage Detection
C. Sbarufatti, A. Manes and M. Giglio

A Three-phase Finite Element Model of Water-infiltrated Porous Materials Subjected to Freezing
M. Zhou and G. Meschke

Discrete Modeling of Crowd Movements and Crowd-structure Coupling
P. Pécol, S. Dal Pont, S. Erlicher and P. Argoul

Reduced-order Modeling of Parametrized Finite Element Solutions by the POD-ISAT Technique. Application to Aircraft Air Control Systems
D. Bui, M. Hamdaoui and F. De Vuyst

Analysis of Uniform and Adaptive LES in Natural Convection Flow
A. Hauser and G. Wittum

Analysis of Bifurcations occurring in a Nonlinear Flight Dynamics Model of Helicopter
S. Kolb, C. Poutous and P-M. Basset

IS - Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electromagnetic, Hydrodynamic and Thermomechanical Problems in Engineering III: Electrostatic-micro Interactions and Electro-actuators
Invited Session organized by Massimo Guarnieri and Carmelo Majorana
Room: R3
Chair: Carmelo Majorana

A Finite Shell Element Formulation Incorporating a Constitutive Model for Dielectric Elastomers
S. Klinkel and S. Zwecker

Electronic Electro-active Polymers under Electrig Loading: Experiments, Modeling and Simulation
H. De Santis, P. Steinmann and D.K. Vu

Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electro-Mechanical Problems for the State Space Controller Design
T. Nestorović and M. Trajkov

Transport of Submicron Particles in Single-Stage Electrostatic Precipitators
N. Farnoosh, P. Castle and K. Adamiak

Precise Electromagnetic-Thermoelastic Actuator for Laser Technologies
I. Doležel, V. Kotlan and B. Ulrych

IS - Multidisciplinary Biomechanical Simulation
Invited Session organized by Ernst Rank and Zohar Yosibash
Room: R4
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: Poroelastic Modelling of Trabecular Bone Adaptation Stimulated by Flow-induced Shear Stress on Osteocytic Process Membrane in Lacuno-canalicular System
T. Adachi, Y. Kameo and M. Hojo

Augmented Medical Imaging: Coupling Computed Tomography, Computational Structural Mechanics and Visualization
E. Rank, Z. Yang, M. Ruess, R. Westermann, C. Dick, R. Burgkart, E. Grande Garcia, A.  Düster and Z. Yosibash

Mathematical Modeling of Coupled Drug and Drug-encapsulated Nanoparticle Transport in Patient-specific Coronary Artery Walls
S. Hossain, S. Hossainy, Y. Bazilevs, V. Calo and T.  Hughes

Simulating the Coupled Active and Passive Mechanical Response of the Artery Wall by High Order Finite Elements
Z. Yosibash and E. Priel

Numerical Homogenization of Heterogeneous Materials
A.  Düster, H-G. Sehlhorst and E. Rank

A Spectral Element Method for Nearly Incompressible Nonlinear Elasticity Problems
Y. Yu, H. Baek, M. Bittencourt and G.E. Karniadakis

Fluid-Structure Interaction I TuM05
Room: R5
Chair: to be confirmed

Stability of Fluid and/or Gas Filled Thin-walled Multi-chamber Structures using Quasi-static Fluid-structure Interaction
A. Maurer and K. Schweizerhof

Damped Vibrations of Structures Containing Liquids
J-S. Schotté, T. Miras and R. Ohayon

Onset of Two-Dimensional Turbulence with High Reynolds Numbers in the Navier-Stokes Equations
B. Bermudez and A. Nicolas

Multidisciplinary Investigation by Fluid-Structure-Motion Integrated Simulation
S. Takahashi and N. Arai

Computational Fluid-structure Interaction Simulations for Wind Induced Vibrations in Silo Groups
J. Hillewaere, J. Degroote, G. Lombaert, J. Vierendeels and G. Degrande

Passive Suppression of Vortex Induced Vibration of Rigid Circular Cylinder in Laminar Flow
R.K. Tumkur Revannasiddaiah, A. Masud, L.A. Bergman, A.J. Pearlstein, G.B. Dov, R. Calderer and A.F. Vakakis

IS - Coupling of Different Numerical Methods
Invited Session organized by Gernot Beer
Room: R6
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: Coupled Fluid–particle Dynamics Algorithm using the PFEM and DEM
J. Rojek and E. Oñate

Strategies for Coupling Different Numerical Methods
G. Beer

Stress Analysis of Shotcrete Tunnel Shells, based on Displacement Data Measured with Monitoring Systems of NATM Tunnels
B. Pichler, S. Ullah, S. Scheiner and C.  Hellmich

Iterative Coupling of Boundary and Discrete Element Methods using an Overlapping FEM Zone
L. Malinowski, G.F. Karlis, G. Beer and J. Rojek

Fatigue Analysis of the Structural Components of a Mechanical Press Cutting High-Strength Steels
B-A. Behrens, R. Krimm and C. Wager

Finite Volume and Finite Element Schemes for the Euler Equations in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates
D. De Santis, G. Geraci and A. Guardone

Aeroelasticity TuM07
Room: R7
Chair: to be confirmed

Frequency Parametrization to Numerically Predict Flutter in Turbomachinery
M. Philit, L. Blanc, S. Aubert, W. Lolo, P. Ferrand and F. Thouverez

A Refined 1D FE Model for Application to Aeroelasticity of Composite Wings
A. Varello, M. Petrolo and E. Carrera

Multi-modal Aeroelastic Damping Predictions of a Jet Engine Fan using Dynamically Coupled Nonlinear RANS Equations
A. Placzek, A. Dugeai, F. Sicot and Y. Mauffrey

Neural Networks as Surrogate Models for Nonlinear, Transient Aerodynamics within an Aeroelastic Coupling-scheme in the Time Domain
K. Lindhorst, M.C. Haupt and P. Horst

Wind-structure Interaction on Construction Stages for Unbalanced Segmental Bridges
A. Hernández and J. G Valdés

Experimental Benchmark and Numerical Validation of a Free Heaving Airfoil
J.J. Sterenborg, A.H. van Zuijlen and H. Bijl

10:00 - 10:30

10:30 - 12:30
Plenary Lectures II
Room: R1
Chair: Bernhard A. Schrefler

Validated Multiscale Immersed Electrokinetic Molecular Finite Element Methods for the Analysis and Design of Nano-Devices in Bio-Sensing and Drug/Gene Transport
W.K. Liu

Space-Time FSI Modeling and Dynamical Analysis of Ringsail Parachute Clusters
K. Takizawa, T. Spielman and T.E. Tezduyar

Multi-fluid Flow Simulations using Large Time-steps
S.R. Idelsohn, N. Nigro and E. Oñate

12:30 - 14:00
Lunch Time

14:00 - 16:00
Symposium Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Ahmed Sameh: Fluid-Structure Interactions IV
Invited Session organized by Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun E. Tezduyar
Room: R1
Chair: Tayfun E. Tezduyar

Keynote Lecture: Multiphase Flow Simulation via Coupled DEM and CFD Codes
P. Wriggers and B. Avci

Keynote Lecture: Improving the Numerical Efficiency of Partitioned Solution Approaches for Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. Schaefer, S.  Sachs and D.C. Sternel

Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction – Coupling Strategies
M. Mehl, H-J. Bungartz, B. Gatzhammer and T. Neckel

A Large-scale Parallel Analysis of Acoustic Fluid-Structure Interaction Based on Balancing Domain Decomposition Method
S. Minami, H. Kawai and S. Yoshimura

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems IV TuA02
Room: R2
Chair: to be confirmed

Computational Study of the Interaction between a Newtonian Fluid and a Cellular Biological Medium in a Straight Vessel
T.S. Alexiou, G. Kapellos and S. Pavlou

Curvature Tensors in Large Deformation Micropolar Plasticity
D. Johannsen and Ch. Tsakmakis

Efficient Implementation and Usage of Nitsche‘s Method on Overlapping Meshes for Coupled Problems in 3D
A. Massing, M. Larson and A. Logg

The Convected Level Set Method with Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for Interface Calculation in Multiphase Flow and Fluid Structure Interaction
T. Coupez

Method for Estimating Parameters of Coupled Problem of Interaction of Gas Flows Loaded by Solid Particles with Solids
A.V. Nenarokomov, O.M. Alifanov, E.A. Artiukhine, I.V. Repin and D.M. Titov

Dynamically Coupled Models of the Sliding and Spinning Friction based on Padé Expansions
A. Kireenkov

IS - Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electromagnetic, Hydrodynamic and Thermomechanical Problems in Engineering IV: Electrostatic-multiphase Problems
Invited Session organized by Massimo Guarnieri and Carmelo Majorana
Room: R3
Chair: Ramon Codina

Numerical Simulation of Droplet Shapes in External Electric Field, Gravity and Surface Tension
T.I. Sung, H.S. Choi, Y.S. Kim and I.H. Park

Numerical Simulations of Tungsten Targets Hit by LHC Proton Beam
M. Scapin, L. Peroni, A. Bertarelli and A. Dallocchio

Numerical Analysis of Dielectric Micro-particle Motion in Fluid and Electric Field
M.K. Baek, Y.S. Kim and I.H. Park

A Procedure for Coupled CFD-Neutronic Calculation using ANSYS CFX 12.1 and PARCS
C. Peña Monferrer, S. Chiva Vicent, R. Miró Herrero, F. Pellacani and R. Macián Juan

Piezoelectric Fields Produced by a Point Electric Charge in a Transversely Isotropic Trimaterial
F.C. Buroni, E. Pan and A. Sáez

CFD-Neutronic Coupled Transient Calculation of a Simplified PWR Fuel Assembly using ANSYS CFX 12.1 and PARCS
C. Peña Monferrer, S. Chiva Vicent, R. Miró, T. Barrachina, F. Pellacani and R. Macián Juan

IS - Computational Multiphysics: Methods and Models I
Invited Session organized by Carlos Felippa, Roger Ohayon and K. C. Park
Room: R4
Chair: Carlos Felippa

An Embedded Mesh Approach for Hybrid ALE-fixed-grid Fluid-structure Interaction
S. Shahmiri and W.A. Wall

FSI Analysis and Shape-Optimization of Wind-Loaded Light-Weight Structures
M. Hojjat, E. Stavropoulou, R. Wüchner and K-U. Bletzinger

Finite Element/Boundary Element Coupling for Airbag Deployment
T.M. van Opstal and E.H. van Brummelen

Keynote Lecture: Coupling Finite Elements and Finite Volumes for Fluid-Structure Interaction: Algorithms, Stability Analysis, Implementation and Examples Dealing with Free-Surface Flows
C. Kassiotis, A. Ibrahimbegovic and H.G. Matthies

Iteration Versus Timestep Cutting in Partitioned Integration
C. A Felippa and K.C. Park

An Iteration-free, Partitioned Method for Solving Coupled Problems
J. Rang

IS - Coupled Thermomechanical Simulation of Material Forming and Impact Problems I
Invited Session organized by Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Jean-Philippe Ponthot
Room: R5
Chair: to be confirmed

Energy-based Variational Approach for Thermo-mechanical Coupling under Dynamic Conditions
L. Stainier

Validation of Several One-phase Thermomechanical Models for Thixoforming of Steel by Comparison between Numerical and Experimental Results on Semi-solid Extrusion Tests
R. Koeune and J-P. Ponthot

Comparison of Data Transfer Methods between Two Different Meshes
P. Bussetta and J-P. Ponthot

Coupled Thermo-mechanical Analysis for Frictional Stir Welding Processes
M. Chiumenti, M. Cervera, C. Agelet de Saracibar and N. Dialami

IS - Fast Single and Multi Discipline Optimization Tools for Aircraft/Aero Engines Design with Uncertainties
Invited Session organized by Jacques Pèriaux
Room: R6
Chair: to be confirmed

A Hardware-Based Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization Method for Aeronautical Applications
J. Kok, F. Gonzalez, N. Kelson and T. Gurnett

Coupling Hybrid-Game Strategies with Particle Swarm Optimisation for Multi-Objective High Lift System Design Optimisation
D.S. Lee, J. Pèriaux, L.F. González and E. Oñate

Numerical Analyses of the Performance of a Mechanical Filter for Solid Suspended Substances
M. Carriglio, V. Pediroda and C. Poloni

Robust shape optimization in aeronautics using stochastic analysis with uncertainties
J. Pons-Prats, G. Bugeda, F. Zárate and E. Oñate

IS - Plasticity and Damage: Experimental and Numerical Simulations I
Invited Session organized by Valentina Salomoni and Francesco Marotti de Sciarra
Room: R7
Chair: Jaroslav Kruis
CoChair: Francesco Marotti de Sciarra

Keynote Lecture: Coupling of Damage Mechanisms in the Prediction of Creep Failure of a Welded Branched Header Pipe
D.R. Hayhurst

A Geometric Theory of Plasticity
V.P. Panoskaltsis, D. Soldatos and S.P. Triantafyllou

Thermomechanical Couplings during the Strain Localization Process at the Microstructure Scale of a Metallic Polycrystal
E. Charkaluk, R. Seghir, L. Bodelot, J.F. Witz and P. Dufrénoy

Non-linear Modelling, Design and Production of Steel Blast-resistant Doors and Windows
V.A. Salomoni, G. Mazzucco, G. Xotta, R.L. Fincato, M. Schiavon and C.E. Majorana

Micro Fibre Cracking and Macro Non Linear Behaviour of Composites using Generalized Self Consistent Homogenisation
D.P. Boso, M. Lefik and B.A. Schrefler

Contact–Damage Coupled Modelling of FRP Reinforcements under Variable Loading Times
G. Mazzucco, V.A. Salomoni and C.E. Majorana

16:00 - 16:30

16:30 - 18:30
Symposium Celebrating the 70th Birthday of Ahmed Sameh: Fluid-Structure Interactions V
Invited Session organized by Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun E. Tezduyar
Room: R1
Chair: Tayfun E. Tezduyar

Keynote Lecture: A Finite Element Method for Ablation Problems
D.K. Gartling, R.E. Hogan, B.F. Blackwell and D.W. Kuntz

Multi-scale Analysis on Cavitation Damage and its Mitigation for the Spallation Neutron Source
K. Okita, K. Ono, S. Takagi and Y. Matsumoto

A Mixed-Hybrid Finite Element for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Moving Immersed Interface
H.C. Gomes and P.M. Pimenta

Two-scale FSI Modelling of Microscopic Flows in Elastic Porous Media
T. Sawada and A. Tezuka

Finite Elements for the Immersed Boundary Method
L. Gastaldi

Thermo-Hydromechanical Problems I TuE02
Room: R2
Chair: to be confirmed

Efficient Strategies for Coupling Models of Melt Crystal Growth Processes
A. Yeckel and J.J. Derby

Thermo mechanical analysis of hysteresis heating in rolling contact between a rubber covered roller and a rigid roller
P-E. Austrell

Coupled Simulation of Process-integrated Powder Coating by Radial Axial Rolling of Rings
R. Kebriaei, J. Frischkorn and S. Reese

Application of a Viscoplastic-Damage Model for the Failure Prediction of Regeneratively Cooled Noozle Structures
V. Tini, I.N. Vladimirov and S. Reese

Coupled Analysis of Transport Processes and Mechanical Behaviour of Concrete at High Temperatures
F. Cramer, L. Ostermann, U. Kowalsky and D. Dinkler

Process Modelling of Linear Friction Welding (LFW) between AA2124/SICP Composite and Unreinforced Alloy
X. Song, N. Baimpas, S. Harding and A.M. Korsunsky

Aero-thermo-mechanical Coupling for Flame-wall Interaction
B. Baqué, M.P. Errera, A. Roos, F. Feyel, E. Laroche and D. Donjat

IS - Numerical Modelling of Coupled Electromagnetic, Hydrodynamic and Thermomechanical Problems in Engineering V: Electro-vibrational and Electro-thermo-mechanical Problems
Invited Session organized by Massimo Guarnieri and Carmelo Majorana
Room: R3
Chair: Fabio Freschi

Multiphysical Computations of the Electrical Machines using FEM
A. Stermecki, O. Bíró, M. Hettegger, H. Lang, G. Ofner, S. Rainer and B. Weilharter

The Different Levels of Magneto-mechanical Coupling in Energy Conversion Machines and Devices
A. Belahcen, R. Kouhia and K. Fonteyn

FE Simulation of Electric Power Transformers: A Coupled Magneto-Mechanical-Acoustic Problem
A. Hauck, M. Kaltenbacher, R. Lerch and A. Volk

A Computational Study of Efficiency of Controllable Semiactive Magnetorheological Dampers Reducing Lateral Vibration of Rotors Working in Chambers Submerged in liquid
J. Zapoměl, L. Čermák and P. Ferfecki

Design, Simulation and Prototyping of Polymeric Ortho-planar Microvalves
E. Bertarelli, E. Bianchi, D. Strohmeier, J.G. Korvink and G. Dubini

Electrostatic Diaphragm Micropump Electro-fluid-mechanical Simulation
E. Bertarelli, R. Ardito and A. Corigliano

A Domain Decomposition Method for Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Contact Problems: Numerical Model and Validation
F.  Moro, M. Guarnieri, C.E. Majorana, G. Mazzucco and A.  Stella

Part I: IS - Computational Multiphysics: Methods and Models II
Invited Session organized by Carlos Felippa, Roger Ohayon and K. C. Park
Room: R4
Chair: K. C. Park

A Partitioned Quasi-Newton Solution Technique for Fluid-structure Interaction Problems using a Coarsened Grid to Accelerate the Convergence of the Coupling Iterations
J. Degroote and J. Vierendeels

Immersed Boundary Method: Performance Analysis of Popular Finite Element Spaces
D. Boffi, N. Cavallini, F. Gardini and L. Gastaldi

Part II: IS - Multiresolution Biomechanics: From Nano to Macro
Invited Session organized by Wing Kam Liu, Jessica Zhang, Suvranu De and Lucy Zhang
Room: R4
Chair: Suvranu De
CoChair: Moon Ki Kim

Keynote Lecture: Mechanics of 3D Assembled Enzymes
A.R. Zamiri, A.  Zandi-Atashbar and S. De

Meshing Challenges in Constructing Implicit Solvation Models of Biomolecular Structures
Y. Zhang

Efficient Force Field Calculation in Articulated Multiscale Molecular Simulations
M. Poursina and K.S. Anderson

Simulation Based Nano and Bio Structure Analysis and Design
M.K. Kim, S.H. Park and W.K. Liu

IS - Coupled Thermomechanical Simulation of Material Forming and Impact Problems II
Invited Session organized by Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Jean-Philippe Ponthot
Room: R5
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: Coupled Thermomechanical Analysis of Steel Welding Processes
C.E. Majorana, G. Mazzucco and V.A. Salomoni

On the Numerical Simulation of 3D Friction Stir Welding Processes
C. Agelet de Saracibar, M. Chiumenti, M. Cervera, N. Dialami, D. Santiago and G. Lombera

Thermomechanical Simulation of Roll Forming Process based on the Coupling of Two Independent Solvers
Y. Carretta, R. Boman, A. Stephany, T. Bouache, R. Canivenc, P. Montmitonnet, N. Legrand, M. Laugier and J-P. Ponthot

Thixoforging Tools materials: Determination of Appropriate Features and Experimental Evaluation
A. Rassili and J-C. Pierret

IS - Coupled Problems in Bioengineering
Invited Session organized by Alain Kassab and Eduardo Divo
Room: R6
Chair: to be confirmed

Keynote Lecture: Selected Coupled Thermal Problems in Neonatology and their Computational Modelling
M.K. Ginalski, L.C. Wrobel, D.B. Ingham, A.M. Fic, J. Laszczyk and A.J. Nowak

Predicting human blood pressure changes by thermo-physiological simulation
Z. Ostrowski, A. Frijns, W. van Marken Lichtenbelt, B. Kingma and A. van Steenhoven

Design of a Current-Based Control Model for the Coupled Cardiovascular and Rotary Left Ventricular Assist Device System
E. Divo, G. Faragallah, Y. Wang and M.A. Simaan

A Multiscale Model of the Circulatory System in Infants Undergoing Hybrid Norwood Palliation
A. Ceballos, R.D. Osorio, A.J. Kassab, E. Divo, R. Argueta-Morales and W.M. DeCampli

Coupling of a Phase-field Approach of a Biomembrane and a Stabilized Stokes Fluid Field with Local Max Entropy Approximants
C. Peco, A. Rosolen and M. Arroyo

Numerical Design of Bio-Inspired Energy-Efficient Indoor Environments using a Localized RBF-based Meshless Method
V. Huayamave, E. Divo, L. Reddi and A. Jain

IS - Plasticity and Damage: Experimental and Numerical Simulations II
Invited Session organized by Valentina Salomoni and Francesco Marotti de Sciarra
Room: R7
Chair: David R. Hayhurst
CoChair: Eric Charkaluk

A Finite Element for Nonlocal Elastic Analyses
F. Marotti de Sciarra

Coupled Analysis of a Pre-stressed Concrete Containment
T. Koudelka, T. Krejčí and J. Kruis

Effect of Aggregates and ITZ on Visco-damaged Response of Concrete at the Meso Scale Level
G. Xotta, V.A. Salomoni and C.E. Majorana

Analysis of Rock Massif Based on the Theory of Damage
J. Kruis and T. Koudelka

On Shear Enhanced Variants of Gurson’s Damage Model and Their Use in Sheet Metal Forming Simulations
C. Soyarslan, M. Gharbi and A.E. Tekkaya

Radiation Damage Assessment on Nuclear Facilities using Monte Carlo Technique
B. Pomaro, V.A. Salomoni, F. Gramegna, G. Prete and C.E. Majorana

Subloading Surface Plasticity Model Algorithm for 3D Subsidence Analyses Above Gas Reservoirs
V.A. Salomoni and R.L. Fincato

21:00 - 23:00
Conference Banquet

Wednesday, June 22nd

08:00 - 10:00
Optimum Design and Control of Coupled Problems I WeM01
Room: R1
Chair: to be confirmed

Coefficients Identification for Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Model based on Optimization Techniques
K.T. Tran, A. Ouahsine, H. Naceur, F. Hissel and A. Pourplanche

Integration of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms and CAE Systems in Shape Optimization of Selected Coupled Problems
A. Dlugosz and T. Burczynski

Evolutive, Iterative Aerodynamical Global Optimization, with Weak Aerodynamics/Structure Interactions
A. Nastase

Sensor Network Optimization for Damage Detection on Aluminium Stiffened Helicopter Panels
C. Sbarufatti, A. Manes and M. Giglio

Solving the Dilemma of Contradictory Goals
O. Frommann

Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems V WeM02
Room: R2
Chair: to be confirmed

Modelling of Simultaneous Induction Hardening in Monolithic Formulation
P. Karban, I. Doležel and B. Ulrych

Simulation of the scattering of pressure waves provided by thin absorbent rigid screens
A. Tadeu, P. Amado Mendes, J. António and L. Godinho

Numerical Simulation of Aileron Buzz using an Adaptive-grid Compressible Flow Solver for Dynamic Meshes
G. Forestieri, A. Guardone, D. Isola, F. Marulli and G. Quaranta

Gradient Plasticity in the Context of Isoclinic and Arbitrary Rotated Intermediate Configurations
C. Broese and Ch. Tsakmakis

3D Anisotropic Adaptive Meshing and Stabilised Finite Element Methods for Multiphase Flows at Low and High Reynolds Number
E. Hachem, S. Feghali, H. Shaw, H. Digonnet and T. Coupez

Solution of Dendritic Growth in a Binary Alloy by a Novel Point Automata Method
A.Z. Lorbiecka and B.  Šarler

Coupled Problems in Geomechanics I WeM03
Room: R3
Chair: to be confirmed

Water Retention in Unsaturated Soils Subjected to Wetting and Drying Cycle
W. Arairo, F. Prunier and I. Djeran-Maigre

Scale Considerations for the Study of Evaporation Effects on Soil Mechanical Behaviour
O. Mora and N. Obregón

Some Consequences of the Qualitative Analysis of the Point-Symmetric Coupled Consolidation Models
E. Imre and S.  Fityus

Shear Deformable Beams on Nonlinear Viscoelastic Foundation under Moving Loading
E.J. Sapountzakis and A.E. Kampitsis

Dynamic Behaviour of Saturated Poroelastic Layers with Embedded Wall Submitted to Seismic Actions
J.C. Grazina and P.L. Pinto

Hierarchical Hybrid Simulation of Biofilm Growth Dynamics in 3D Porous Media
G. Kapellos, T. Alexiou and S. Pavlou

Coupled Solution Strategies II WeM04
Room: R4
Chair: to be confirmed

Higher Order Time Integration Schemes for Thermal Coupling of Flows and Structures
V. Kazemi-Kamyab, A.H. van Zuijlen and H. Bijl

Static-dynamic Coupling of Structural Codes for the Simulation of Impact
J-D. Garaud and J. Rannou

Multi-level and Quasi-Newton Acceleration for Strongly Coupled Partitioned Fluid-structure Interaction
J.J. Kreeft, M. Weghs, A.H. van Zuijlen and H. Bijl

O-PALM: an Open Source Dynamic Parallel Coupler
A. Piacentini, Th. Morel, A. Thévenin and F. Duchaine

Comparisons of Coupling Strategies for Massively Parallel Conjugate Heat Transfer with Large EDDI Simulations
S. Jauré, F. Duchaine and L.Y. Gicquel

Mixing Snapshots and Fast Time Integration of PDEs
M-L. Rapún, F. Terragni and J.M. Vega

Fluid-Structure Interaction II WeM05
Room: R5
Chair: to be confirmed

Modeling of Airblast Propagation through an Enclosed Structure
J.A. Sherburn, D.H. Nelson, C.D. Price and T.R. Slawson

Vortex-induced Vibrations of an Elastically Mounted Cylinder with Low Mass-ratio at Re=3900
Y. Jus, E. Longatte, J-C. Chassaing and P. Sagaut

Surrogate-enhanced Simulation of Aircraft in Trimmed State
A.K. Michler

Investigating the Effect of Rotational Degree of Freedom on a Circular Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number in a Cross Flow
S.H. Madani, J. Wissink and H. Bahai

Computational Modelling of Biofilm Growth
A. Bolea Albero and M. Böl

IS - Interaction with Time Resolved Turbulent Flow Fields
Invited Session organized by Dörte Carla Sternel
Room: R6
Chair: Dörte Carla Sternel

Keynote Lecture: Adaptive Multi-Scale Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Acoustics
S.P. Roller, H. Klimach and D.F. Harlacher

Efficient Partitioned Techniques for Fluid-structure Interactions
V. Kazemi-Kamyab, J.J. Kreeft, T. Scholcz, M. Weghs, A.H. van Zuijlen and H. Bijl

Numerical Simulation of Fluid–Structure Interaction using Large–Eddy Simulation
M.  Breuer, G.  De Nayer and M. Münsch

Interaction with Time Resolved Turbulent Flow Fields
D.C. Sternel

Thermo-Mechanochemical Problems WeM07
Room: R7
Chair: to be confirmed

Thermo-hydro-mechanical Modeling of Partially Saturated Heterogeneous Porous Media
G. Rastiello, F. Meftah, S. Dal Pont, J.L. Tailhan and P. Rossi

Coupled Reactive Transport Modeling - The Program Transport
V. Žabka and J. Šembera

Thermoelastic Stress Analysis for a Tube under General Mechanochemical Corrosion Conditions
Y. Pronina

Numerical Simulation of Particulate Erosion in a Compressor Blade
M. Suzuki and M. Yamamoto

A Three-dimensional Finite Element Meso-scale modelling of Thermo-hygro-mechanical (THM) Behaviour of Concrete at High Temperature
T.T. Le, H. Boussa and F. Meftah

Thermomechanics of Continua with Boundary Energies
A. Javili and P. Steinmann

10:00 - 10:30

10:30 - 12:30
Plenary Lectures III
Room: R1
Chair: Ramon Codina

Vibrations of Structures containing Compressible Fluids
R. Ohayon

Coupled Problems on the Cellular and Sub-Cellular Scale
W.A. Wall, C.J. Cyron, T. Klöppel, C. Meier and K. Müller

hp-Adaptive Finite Elements for Coupled Wave Propagation Problems
L. Demkowicz

12:30 - 14:00
Lunch Time

14:00 - 16:00
Plenary Lectures IV
Room: R1
Chair: Roger Ohayon

Model Problems in Magneto-hydrodynamics: Individual Numerical Challenges and Coupling Possibilities
R. Codina, S. Badia and R. Planas

A Computational and Experimental Modeling of the Physics of Nonlinear Sloshing and Internal Wave Breaking
K.C. Park, J.A. González, Y.Y. Kim and S.H. Kwo

Multiphysical Coupled Processes in Underground Nuclear Waste Disposal Problems
L. Laloui

16:00 - 16:30

16:30 - 18:30
Optimum Design and Control of Coupled Problems II WeA01
Room: R1
Chair: to be confirmed

Model Order Reduction of Systems for Active Vibration and Noise Control
M. Kurch, H. Atzrodt, V. Carli, O. Heuss and J. Mohring

Optimal Control Hydrodynamic Flow using the Adjoint Approach
M. Louaked

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Soil – Pile - Structure Interaction
G.P. Pittos, G.M. Stavroulakis and M. Papadrakakis

Thermo-Hydromechanical Problems II WeA02
Room: R2
Chair: to be confirmed

Mass, Heat and Momentum Transfer in Natural Draft Wet Cooling Tower with Flue Gas Discharge
A.F. Klimanek and R.A. Bialecki

Evaluation and Improvement of the THM Modelling Capabilities for Rock Salt Repositories
A. Pudewills

Three Domain Thermal and Mechanical Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis Applied to Cooled Rocket Thrust Chambers
D. Kowollik, M.C. Haupt and P. Horst

A Finite Element Modeling of Thermo-hydro-mechanical Behaviour and Numerical Simulations of Progressive Spalling Front
M.T Phan, F. Meftah, S. Rigobert, P. Autuori, C. Lenglet and S. Dal Pont

A New Strategy for Simulation of Polymers in Fire Situations
J. Marti, E. Oñate and S.R. Idelsohn

Advanced Numerical Approach to Reduce the Anodic Voltage Drop in the Hall-Héroult Process
E. Jeddi, D. Marceau, L.I. Kiss, L. St-Georges, D. Laroche and L. Hacini

Coupled Problems in Geomechanics II WeA03
Room: R3
Chair: to be confirmed

Numerical Modeling of Shallow Landslide Impacts on Flexible Protection Systems and Its Validation with Full-scale Testing
A. von Boetticher, A. Volkwein, R. Wüchner, K-U. Bletzinger and C. Wendeler

Impact of the Leakage Location on the Flow of a Leaking Pipe Buried in an Unsaturated Porous Media
H. Aghakhani and S.M. Hosseinalipour

A Coupled Meshfree-Finite Element Contact Formulation for Soil-Sructure Interaction
G. Haikal

An Optimized Return Mapping Algorithm for the Barcelona Basic Model
M. Pertl, M. Hofmann and G. Hofstetter

Micro-Scale Model for Slurry Flow and Deposition in Porous Substrates
K. Khodosevich, J. Rice, N. Blackman, A. Joshi and A. Schermerhorn

Non-linear Dynamic Soil Response Underneath a Vertical Breakwater Subjected to Impulsive Sea Wave Actions
M.M. Stickle, P. de la Fuente and C. Oteo

Coupled Solution Strategies III WeA04
Room: R4
Chair: to be confirmed

The Influence of Different Time Integration Schemes in ALE Description Applied to Moving Meshes
F. Flitz, D.C. Sternel and M. Schäfer

Periodic Solutions for Acousto-Elastic Scattering Problems by Controlling the Time-Dependent Equations
S. Mönkölä and S. Kähkönen

A Substructuring FE Model for Structural-acoustic Problems with Modal-based Reduction of Poroelastic Interface
R. Rumpler, J-F. Deü and P. Göransson

A New Numerical Scheme for a Linear Fluid-structure Interaction Problem
M. González and V. Selgas

Solving Porous Media Problems in Graphics Processing Units with a Domain Decomposition Approach
G.M. Stavroulakis, M. Papadrakakis and A. Karatarakis

Partitioned Time Integration Methods for Hardware in the Loop based on Linearly Implicit L-stable Rosenbrock methods
O.S. Bursi, C. Jia and Z. Wang

Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) to solve Mixed Convection Problem
A. Dumon, C. Allery and A. Ammar

Fluid-Structure Interaction III WeA05
Room: R5
Chair: to be confirmed

Numerical Study of the Fluid-structure Interaction in the Diffuser Passage of a Centrifugal Pump
A. Fontanals, A.  Guardo, M. Coussirat and E. Egusquiza

FSI Simulations for Explosions Very Near Reinforced Concrete Structures
M.A. Price, A. Lee, O. Soto and O.Y. Chong

3D FSI Modeling of Tank Imposion
K. Kamran, R. Rossi, S.R. Idelsohn and E. Oñate

A Numerical Procedure for Assessing Structural Response of an Offshore Pipeline during Launching Operations
J.C. Mosquera, A.F. Samartín and J.G. García Palacios

Acoustic Behaviour of Panel Absorbers using the MFS
J. António

Multiscale Problems WeA06
Room: R6
Chair: to be confirmed

Magnetization Model for Particle-based Simulations of Magnetorheological Fluids
H. Lagger, J. Peguiron, C. Bierwisch and M. Moseler

Multi-scale Modelling of Coupled Thermal and Structural Effects on Heterogeneous Materials using Structural Based Enrichment
M.F. Macri and A.G. Littlefield

Fabrication and Multiscale Mechanical Characterization of Ti Alloy/Al2O3 Functionally Graded Materials for Orthopaedic Applications
D. Carnelli, E. Bertarelli, D.  Gastaldi, T. Villa, F. Casari, A. Molinari and P. Vena

Fluid-structure Interaction in Submerged Structures
C. Valero, E. Egusquiza, A.  Guardo and X. Huang

Multi-scale and Coupled Modeling of Shockwave Interaction with Strain Rate Sensitive Polymers
R. Barsoum

Multiphysics Problems WeA07
Room: R7
Chair: to be confirmed

Mathematical Formulation of a Coupled Dynamic Model for Environmental Business Action Planning
S.A. David, C. de Oliveira and D.D. Quintino

Coupled Model of Terrestrial Particulate Organic Carbon Processing, Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport in Tropical Streams
F.J. Guerrero-Bolaño, N. Obregón-Neira, J.F. Gonçalves-Junior and A. Torres-Abello

A Model of Multi-disciplinary Behavior Coupling in IC Engine
X.D. Dai and Y.B. Xie

Modernizing Science & Engineering Software Systems
L. Favre, L. Martinez and C. Pereira

Multi-Physics Modelling and Simulation of Sand Transfer around Cube
K. Matsui, M. Suzuki and M. Yamamoto

Recurrence Plots Analysis of Pressure Fluctuations in Fluidized Beds
M.M. Tahmasebpoor, R. Sotudeh-Gharebagh, R. Zarghami and N. Mostoufi